joyful, tearfilled, country girl playing animal crossing, yearning proficiency, head-bobbing magic


my first favorite song (like many others...) was KINGSTON! ugh! she is just so cute and heartfelt with her songwriting, i love it! following my obsession with KINGSTON, i explored this album and quickly latched on to JONNY, which i is this church-y song that is just brimming with emotion and personality. i was and continue to be in love with that song both lyrically and sonically. lately i have been listening to PIGEON and COME TO ATLANTA (which is playing for you now!)


/ 5/5 fat cats!


this is another album with (almost) no skips! damn that fucking FLOWERS song, i just do not like that song and its feature. anywho, the album is one of my favorites and i wish to own the fool's gold ep some day. this album and faye as an artist make me happy and can turn my mood around when im feeling sad. even when im listening to a sad song of hers, i find that just being able to feel those emotions with her makes me feel a little better and a little less alone. she also taught me that maybe i dont hate country... though some would argue that her music is not country, and i have certainly heard someone say that she mashes up country and rnb, which i personally cannot attest to, but i would say she definetly does some country, some jazz, and she just pours herself into every song and every word. after listening to this album she would soon therafter release her newest (at the time) album, I KNOW IM FUNNY, HAHA, which i imagine i will inevitably end up reviewing because i love faye and i like talking about her. this is an album i can see myself recommending to people for years and years in the future, ATLANTA MILLIONAIRES CLUB is one of the best albums i have ever had the pleasure of hearing.