melancholy, folky, tragic, artistic, feminine, lost lesbian turmoil, fragile flower people, and contemplative


this album i think is one of the most fortmative for my highschool years, actually.

this album is old as bones, as is connie converse. this lovely woman has a tragic story that i don't know i will get into for the sake of time, but essentially after suffering an unsuccessful career she disappeared never to be seen again. she was also rumored to have been a lesbian, so she really does have a lot going for her in terms of characterization.

her diddies seem to have this melancholy feel to them that really make her stand out from other artists of her time. there is also a sort of diy twee feeling to her tracks. that's because it really is diy, the track that's playing, which is my favorite, the playboy of the western world, features connie making a mistake while playing that is kept in this final release. honestly it's probably my favorite little detail on it. she just feels really personal and i love everything about it.

this album got me through some rough times and i would love to hug connie if i could. she just is such a tragic story and i wish she could've gotten all of the recognition she gets now when she needed it most. but such is life i guess.

i think this album for me also represents a sort of feminitity i embody at some points. one that angers at the masculine and revels in itself if that makes sense. the song, roving woman, is a good example of this as she is continously fathered by random men that think they know what's best for her. she tires of this and simply lets them think they are doing what is best for her.


to pick a FEW... playboy of the western world, i have considered the lilies, roving woman, talkin' like you (two tall mountains)

i cannot talk about mentioning the song, i have considered the lilies, in depth. this song was so so important to me. it is a track that can mean a lot of things but for me it represented a feeling that life is too complicated and that sometimes all one wants to do is throw everything away and live in the simplest form possible. a lily that is void of guilt or consiousness, something that lives without disturbing others and is generally a delight to most. something that has no cares and no relationships and no anxiety. but even this can seem tainted by the cold and such and so even this paradise we envision is not perfect as the world is not perfect which sometimes makes me sad. it can be seen as almost a longing for death in that she outlines how simple things could be if everything just went away which was something i found profound at the time because it felt like someone understood what it was like to just be tired of it all sometimes. i wish i could show her i understand and maybe that would've mean't something to her.


/ 5/5 kitties spinning in chairs.