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i honestly think every song on the album is gold for a different purpose. by that i mean depending on the mood or the purpose of the playlist it is on, the songs can be seen as perfect nuggets of gold. for general listening i suppose YOUR TEETH IN MY NECK and JUST A STRANGER, though FEEL LIKE A FOOL was a summertime favorite of mine


/ 5/5 rouges


i think this is the first album that I found I could listen to with no skips. when i found it after it had just come out in 2018 through ajayii (i tried to find the video, but it seems she deleted it :( ), i was completely obsessed. truthfully when i heard her new album "Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)" i was a little disappointed... I mean, the album was good... but it really did not hold a candle to this masterpiece. i hope she continues to make music and continues to prosper in the public eye. she was my artist that at the time i would recommend to anyone and everyone but nobody would really take me up on, and when she broke out massively i found myself feeling sad but like that whole superiority complex debate is tired. the song IN MY DREAMS makes me really sad and oftentimes when i want to kms i listen to that song to kind of roll around in my sadness and just feel like i am not alone and that those shitty feelings where i feel like suffocating and closing my eyes to poke my head through a cloud somewhere high in the sky and see a future where i dont have to work or face the people in the real world. i can build my house on a cloud and live there and lock my door. try on clothes and play video games, all alone and peaceful. that song is very important to me, and i could say the same for the album as a whole.