hello! welcome to the chao garden! this place has gone from a nursery to more of an orphanage. these guys are pretty grown, but they are ready and willing to be adopted! if you're interested send me an email at!

chaos in the garden!

chao name story owner
bubbler he is a lover and NOT a fighter nitelites !!
miles a cute little tails superfan! ever since they were raised by tails long ago, they sprouted into a littler version of him! their tails are made of cotton balls. isabella smith!
pinkslip pinkslip was found in the middle of that one pink lake someplace. there was a glacier that had formed out of nowhere one day and once excavated this thing slithered out like a butterfly out of it's cacoon. in the garden the other chaos like him because he tastes like strawberry milk Nippo
victoria victoria was born and raised in the alaskan tundras and has absorbed much of the wildlife there in order to survive. these days she flies around looking mad for fun. casey
cosmo some sort of reincarnation of NiGHTS? maybe after sega stopped making the games, this chao was the consolation prize? for grabs!
iodine (felix) this guy was raised by some mad scientist maniac and then left for the streets... as of now this little guy likes to melt into a small puddle on occasion sam!
nihiligo this little guy is known to be able to influence the actions of others in some weird cosmic way. as far as anyone knows, it has used the power exclusively for initiating play-time and for one car crash march!
blades and knives these chaos were found together in the house from the movie saw II, long after the events of the movie. i guess it could be from the gas, but its hard to say why exactly they formed. they're inseperable and insufferable up for grabs!
vidrio someone tried to summon bloody mary but this thing showed up instead. dont turn your back on it. up for grabs!
seaweed seaweed was first found at the bottom of the ocean under the care of several dolphins. she was scooped up and taken to this garden to teach the other chaos to swim as effortlessly as her old family Pink!
bastard a bastard son of sonic. alot like the demigods of greek mythology, but instead it comes from gross hedgehog sex. up for grabs!