Chaos Zero


this game was one of the first i ever played and honestly it's like a fever dream in my memory, that was until i bought it on steam years and years later. it's really just you flying through rings as this purple dream entity. these two kids are like,,, psychologically tormented and in their dreams they can possess NiGHTS and fly around and defeat their dream demons. i love this game to death and the way it looks is just so mmmm

omg this game!! my sister had it before me and i would always steal it to play it. eventually i got my own copy and me and my neighbors and sister would all play the party games on download play. when i was little i would play as gongon but these days i think ive become more of an aiai kinda guy. i found my meemee tbh ;) i really want the new monkeyball but i am poor rn, so hit my paypal up guys. also i hate baby

jet set radio is this real cool take on the skateboarding video game genre, and get this! theyre on SKATES! anyways, the whole aesthetic is lovely and they are all just cool guys!